Thursday, July 27, 2006

13 Edible Things I Can't Live Without. (Including blah blahs!)

1. Tea - iced or hot.
Nai-cha (the one they serve in Chowking with caramel syrup),
Pearl Milk Tea (this is really refreshing, try this one available at Zagu),
Iced Tea in plastic bottles, doesn't matter what brand it is, (C2, Nestea, One, Lipton) white tea is the best.
tea Bags - best for rainy days and for constipation.

2. Tuna - (except Tuna Panga, don't like it.)
I hate fish but i love tuna, I even thought it was not fish when I was little...
Tuna in Can ( Century Tuna Hot & Spicy is kinda addictive, I wonder if there's some kind of addictive substance added in them)
Tuna Sisig (the one served at Davao tuna Grill is superb)
Tuna Sushi (not as good as salmon tuna but its ok)
Tuna sandwich (the one they sell at the 7th floor of Antel Global Bldg is satisfactory hehe)

3. Water - this should be on the top of the list but I guess I'm being dependent on other liquid substances nowadays like tea, juice, coffee, coke, and other hydrating drinks.

4. Rice - Oh my fucking God, I hate to say it but when I think of Rice, it reminds me of racial discrimination. There was this french film I've watched where the lead actor insults an asian by saying the lines: "I can buy you at the price of a bowl of rice, rice bowl!" Well, its just a movie, I don't care what those fucking foreigners think about us asians . I just love rice and I'm proud to be Asian. Hmmpf!

5.Potato (in different forms):
French fries - McDonald's, the best. New york Fries is not bad, with lots of dips to choose from.
Potato Chips - Pringles, Piknik, and V-cut. Lay's Potato is awesome but its not practical to buy one for such an expensive price. Hmmpf... I'll stick with my Piattos instead.

6. Instant Noodles (hehehe)...Hot Chili
It's good to have them in the house for midnight snacks and for unexpected sleep-overs, specially this rainy season. Good with pan de sal too! ^_^

7. Carrots, Cabbage, broccoli, and Kangkong - The only veggies I eat, nothing more, nothing less. Cucumber is good too but I'm not sure if they belong to the veggie category.
It's all about the fiber, but overall, I dont really like veggies. ^_^

8. SAN MIG LIGHT, Red Horse and Strong Ice.
The universal solvent... BEER! There's no better way to celebrate Life than drinking hehehe...
Apologies to all non-drinkers though...

9. Fruits - whatever is available;e in the season, except chesa.
My "nanay" has a "suki" who always bring fruits in the house every morning. She said it's the best way to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Its a good source of natural fiber as well. Good for shakes too!

10. Chicken at KFC.
Who doesn't like KFC nowadays? I don't know if it's really the chicken that hooks me and my friends up, or was it the gravy?
Another way to celebrate is to have a bucket meal hehehehe! (Look at Oprah >> lolz)

11. Sushi, Pork Tonkatsu, Chicken Katsu, California Maki, and Beef Misono... (wakekekekeke!!! Wasabi and Misu soup too!)
Sometimes I wish I was born and raised in Japan. I envy those kids who have enjoyed eating japanese foods as early as they learn how to use chopsticks. Anyway, were lucky there's Teriyaki Boi, Tokyo-tokyo, Komorosoba, and Yoshinaya around the corner, in case we need to satisfy our japanese cravings!

12. Chocolate and Peanuts - Let's all face it, once we have a taste of them, we'll always ask for more. and we'll always wish they could last a couple more hours.
FYI:I'm not sure if you already know this, but according to scientific research, both cacao and peanuts have addictive substances that make humans crave for them after an intake. But the nice thing is, they don't have any bad effects on the human body so far.

13. And the last on my list is...(Dyanjararan...)
Spare Ribs Teppanyaki... The only thing I know how to do is to have this when I am frustrated, angry or depressed. Mostly when I am heartbroken. This is always my last resort. My refreshment. I'm not gonna tell you where I order my Teppan, it's for you to find out. My Teppan always comes with Tofu, bean sprouts, and mixed veggies... Any lucky guess?


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