Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My head is itchy, I got flakes, Damn it!

I was forced to visit a hair salon this weekend because I was thinking that my hair grooming is whack nowadays. I've been noticing myself scratching my head like a monkey in different places and that is so, so, so UNCOOL! It so irritating! The situation, not the scalp, I mean. Afterwards, I discover I have dry and scaly scalp underneath my thick hair... KAINIS!!! Ngayun lang ako magpapahaba ng hair, nagka-flakes pa ko... The hairsalon guy suggested that I might need a little haircut and trimming on my hair because some of the hair products I've been using may leave some residue and it might get stuck in my scalp and cause itching. Eh anu pa ba magagawa ko, GO! Cut my hair... huhuhuhu :-(

Anyway, the guy who did my hair was kinda cute, i mean he's really cute (chinito hehehe) kaya d ko natanggihan yung suggestion nya kainis. He even suggested, I should have a hot oil treatment to moisturize my scalp. Kainis, sige na nga. GO ulet! After that, I went home and took a bath, then I look at the products that I've been putting on my head, the only thing new in my bathroom basket is this... AHA! Vaseline Shampoo, Thick and Clean.. Ikaw pala nagpapakati ng scalp ko ha... Langya kang vaseline ka... Etong sayo, dun ka laundry area, puede kang gawing shampoo ng aso hmmp kainis... Grrr! Bwishet!

And the lesson sa BLOG post na ito, be aware of what you put in your body. Not only in your hair but in everything that you use in your skin and the whole body. I'm not saying "nakakadandruff ang Vaseline shampoo", in the first place i bought it because i like the fragrance of it. And in my first few days of using it, I was impressed because of its lasting freshness on my hair. Totoo nga yung commercial nila, hindi amoy-araw. Kaya lang, d ako hiyang. Nangate ang anit ko, and i had flakes! Kaya, I'll never ever use Vaseline shampoo again. NEVEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!

PS. I went to Watsons this morning after my shift, I noticed something on the shampoo shelves, the bottle is orange-colored, it's Vaseline Shampoo Dandruff Control. Asus, ayun naman pala. Bumile ko. hehehe "^_^" Cencia na tao lang! Mabango cia, in fairness! hehehe LOLZ ^_^


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