Monday, July 24, 2006

One Great Art Film: The Pillow Book

Not your ordinary movie in the popcorn house. This is a japanese-based movie so I'm sure a lot of you haven't watched it yet unless you appreciate watching japanese stuff. But if you are a big fan of Ewan McGregor, you may probably have seen this one, since he was the one of the main characters in this movie who played as the American Lover of the lead Japanese actress (Vivian Wu). I give it FIVE Thumbs and 5 Toes Up for a very unique story and a different potrayal of asian romance. One of the movies where you will be able to check out Ewan McGregors complete anatomy hehe LOLZ. I'm not sure if this movie was shown in local cinemas coz I have only seen it in DVD together with other Asian Art Films. The Pillow Book is directed and written by Peter Greenaway, stars Vivian Wu as Nagiko Kiyohara, a woman whose search for truth, self fulfillment, and revenge took her to the completion of a book composed of 13 chapters which she all wrote in the bodies of different men including her lover, Jerome (Ewan McGregor). After watching this movie, I am now desperate to have a tattoo. Among the thirteen books, I love the Seventh Book, the Book Of The Seducer which was written in the body of very cute japanese guy. I think he's a model or something because he's got a pretty good built and anice physique, eveything nice hehehe LOLZ. You should check him out too! ^_^

Even if you dont understand nihongo, I'm sure you're gonna enjoy seeing this movie for its artistic value and rich story line!


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